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our Journey

Respirare Labs journey into airborne mycotoxin testing begins with over a decade of experience in mold assessments and remediation. During that time, over 20,000 commercial, multi-family and residential properties were assessed and remediated for mold issues. Post mold remediation testing was performed as needed to ensure the structure was safe to occupy. Unfortunately, current mold testing methods only identified if mold spores were elevated compared to the outside environment. Research and air testing for toxic mycotoxins did not exist. Many individuals in water damaged buildings were still experiencing health issues. Now, with Respirare’s AMEA testing, structures can be assessed for toxic elevated airborne mycotoxins. This is an important step in ensuring structures are safe for occupants. 


Respirare Labs has the vision to be the leader in mycotoxin testing throughout North America by redefining the way the industry assesses indoor mycotoxins.


Our mission is to offer the market with the most precise and consistent analysis for environmental mycotoxins in both air and surface samples, giving people the assurance they need to feel safe and secure in their homes or buildings.


We offer a highly precise and efficient approach that employs cutting-edge technology and certified methods to deliver the most advanced mycotoxin testing for indoor environmental professionals, healthcare providers, and consumers. Our team of skilled chemists and technicians utilize objective scientific studies and industry-leading ELISA testing on both airborne and surface samples to ensure accurate and timely results.

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We Are Driven to Bring Peace of Mind

At Respirare Labs, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of safety and security in indoor environments where mold is present. Our cutting-edge technology and precise mycotoxin air and surface analysis have established us as the top laboratory in the industry. We understand the importance of minimizing the risk of exposure to harmful chemical mold toxins, which is why we strive to provide our customers with the best possible testing solutions to ensure their homes or buildings are safe and healthy. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you can trust that you are in good hands with Respirare Labs.

21st Global Laboratory

Our Partner

Respirare Labs exclusively uses proprietary procedures created by 21st Global’s (Laboratory Division) team of experts. These procedures are protected by patent, copyright, and/or intellectual property laws, ensuring their uniqueness. It’s important to note that 21st Global Laboratory is a privately-funded Australian company that has a team of experts in Chemistry, Occupational Health and Safety, and the Nursing professions. With this expertise, they have been able to develop innovative and effective mycotoxin testing solutions that are now being used by Respirare Labs.

Packaging for a better tomorrow

Sustainability Efforts

As a lab, we understand the unavoidable need for plastic usage when it comes to sanitation, cleanliness, and cross-contamination. However, at Respirare Labs, we are committed to doing our part in reducing plastic waste wherever possible. This includes minimizing our usage of plastic in areas such as shipping mailers, bags, labels, tape and other packaging. We believe that every effort counts in the fight against plastic pollution, and are proud to stand behind businesses like EcoEnclose who share our vision for a more sustainable, plastic-reduced future.

Thanks to AMEA & MESA

The Future of Indoor Mycotoxin Testing is Finally here

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