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Creating Safer Indoor Environments with Our Mycotoxin Air Test

Uncover harmful airborne mycotoxins produced by mold and take steps to protect your health.

An illustration of AMEA Mycotoxin Air Test Equipment with a building in the background and a hand holding keys. The equipment is designed to detect airborne mycotoxins in indoor environments and ensure air quality. The building in the background signifies the potential indoor environment where the equipment can be used.
Image of an environmental professional using AMEA Mycotoxin Air Test Equipment to test for mycotoxins. This illustration demonstrates the process of testing for mycotoxins in the air, providing a safe and healthy environment.

AMEA Helps You Identify Mycotoxins in Your Air

With the assistance of our AMEA mycotoxin air test, it is now possible to effectively analyze air quality problems caused by toxic mold and their airborne mycotoxin byproduct. The precision, accuracy, and standardization of measuring mycotoxins in the air has reached new heights, thanks to our groundbreaking and patented extraction method used in conjunction with ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay) for a revolutionary new test.

Icon of an IOM sampler used for AMEA mycotoxin air test, a device used to collect airborne mycotoxin samples for testing and analysis.

Sample Type: Air Cassette

SKC IOM samplers, in conjunction with our Myco-Cassettes, serve as the foremost option for gathering volatile organic compounds such as mycotoxins present in the air, thanks to their unparalleled efficiency, precision, and dependability.

AMEA Network Professionals

Take the first step towards healthier indoor air by finding a testing professional near you. Our testing providers have undergone basic certification training to ensure the highest level of performance and standardization for your AMEA test.

Analysis Results: 3-5 Days

We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to receiving your report and getting the answers you need. That's why we strive to provide the quickest analysis turnaround time on the market upon receipt of your sample.

AMEA Mycotoxin Testing Panel:

  • Aflatoxin B1
  • Aflatoxin B2
  • Aflatoxin G1
  • Aflatoxin G2
  • Ochratoxin A

Upon Special Request

Upon Special Request

Upon Special Request

AMEA’s environmental mycotoxin testing can identify the most common indoor mycotoxins in the air, which can pose a significant health risk. These include Aflatoxins, Ochratoxins, and the Trichothecenes groups. However, testing for DON (Vomitoxin), Zearalenone, and Fumonisin is only available upon special request, as they have not been found in high enough concentrations in the indoor environment.

Respirare Labs AMEA Mycotoxin Air Test Equipment detecting airborne toxins in a living room setting with mycotoxins floating in the air.
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Mycotoxins in the air

Our research has shown that mycotoxins are hydrophobic, meaning they do not mix with water and instead stick to it. This property makes them more likely to become airborne. The primary method of aerosolization for mycotoxins is through evaporation, which occurs when damp mold begins to heat up due to high humidity and elevated temperatures. The mycotoxins attached to the mold then adhere to water molecules, which lifts them into the air. Dust and spore fragments can also carry mycotoxins when they become airborne due to natural indoor air movement. It’s essential to note that HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) play a significant role in spreading and circulating mycotoxins throughout a home or building.

Need a Mycotoxin Air Test? Find a Local Expert

We are committed to making AMEA testing accessible to all. You can start by checking if there is a Respirare Labs provider near you by clicking the button below. If you are unable to locate a provider in your area, we may be able to send you a DIY kit for sample collection in certain circumstances. Nonetheless, we firmly emphasize the importance of consistency and standardization in our testing process and believe that a certified Respirare professional is the best option for conducting AMEA.

Respirare certified environmental professionals with a Respirare Labs certified provider seal showcasing excellence in environmental mycotoxin testing.

Mycotoxin Air Test Step-By-step

How AMEA Sampling Works

Pre Sampling

  • AMEA is conducted under active sampling in a building, home, or other structure utilizing industry-standard air sampling equipment.
  • The pumps we use are programmed to mimic normal breathing, collecting 2L/min for 1 hour.
  • The air sample is positioned 5 ft off the ground known as the BREATHING ZONE


  • Once the 1-hour sample time has elapsed, the myco-cassette used to collect airborne mycotoxins is safely secured in a transport clip and then placed inside a plastic bag.
  • After the myco-cassette is prepared, it is sent to Respirare Labs for extraction using a patented process. This ensures that the sample is ready for industry-standard ELISA tests, which stands for Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA).

Post Sampling

  • Once the ELISA test is completed, we proceed to include the findings in the AMEA report that we send out.
  • To provide a clearer interpretation of results, the airborne mycotoxins are reported in ppb (parts per billion) per cubic meter.
  • AMEA will provide your results against established background levels for indoor airborne mycotoxins.

Active Sampling

During AMEA sampling, the air in the room is conditioned to simulate normal activity by stirring it up prior to testing. This helps to provide consistent results and replicate what you would actively inhale.

Patented Process

Respirare Labs uses a patented extraction process to prepare AMEA samples for industry-standard ELISA tests. Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA), is a highly recognized form of analysis commonly used for the identification and quantification of mycotoxins. 

Respirare Labs' AMEA mycotoxin testing equipment provides accurate and reliable results for detecting harmful mycotoxins. This photo showcases the advanced technology and design of the equipment, making it a valuable tool for air quality testing. Find mycotoxin testing near me.

The Breathing Zone

Samples for AMEA are collected at a height of 5ft from the ground, which is commonly referred to as the “breathing zone”. This method ensures that the samples accurately represent the mycotoxins that could potentially be inhaled.


AMEA bases its results on extensive research conducted to establish average background levels for indoor airborne mycotoxins. Your results are compared against these levels and reported in ppb (parts per billion) per cubic meter for better interpretation.

Mycotoxin Air Test Equipment

About AMEA Sampling Equipment

IOM Sampler

At Respirare Labs, we utilize the IOM (Institute of Occupational Medicine) sampler along with our Myco-Cassettes. The IOM sampler is widely recognized as the industry's gold standard for capturing inhalable particulates and bioaerosols. IOM Muli-Dust Sampler conforms to EN481 & EN13205:2002

Respirare Labs' Buck Libra Pump for AMEA Mycotoxin Air Test - Collects Mycotoxin Air Sample at 2L/min for One Hour - Highly Efficient Air Sampling Device.

Buck Libra Pump

To conduct air samples, AMEA relies on the equipment provided by SKC and the pumps from A.P. Buck INC. These two companies are highly respected leaders in the fields of industrial hygiene, environmental air sampling, and occupational safety. They offer top-quality equipment and media, ensuring the highest quality results.

Respirare Labs' Myco-cassette for AMEA mycotoxin air test - a tool for capturing mycotoxins in the air. The image shows the Myco-cassette device with its components.


A trademarked term referring to our disposable air sampling filter cassettes used for the identification and quantification of airborne mycotoxins. Straight from your air to Respirare Labs.

Mycotoxin Air Test Guide

AMEA Report Results​

Our AMEA (Airborne Mycotoxin Environmental Analysis) report provides a comprehensive analysis of mycotoxin levels in indoor air samples and is designed to help you interpret your results accurately and effectively. Our report categorizes results as low, medium, or high based on established background levels, making it easy to understand your exposure levels and take appropriate action. Please be aware that your AMEA results should only serve as a guide and should always be used in conjunction with medical advice, particularly if you have chemical sensitivities or if you are caring for children who may be more sensitive to the presence of mycotoxins. If you need guidance on interpreting the results, please contact us. With fast, reliable, and accurate results, our AMEA report is an essential tool to help you ensure your indoor environment is safe and healthy.

Respirare Labs AMEA Air Mycotoxin Test Sample Report for Airborne Mycotoxins - Background levels detected in a selection of clean homes in low, medium, and high ranges. This guide is designed to help you understand the levels of airborne mycotoxins in your home.

Establishing a Benchmark

Mycotoxin Air Test
Background Levels

At Respirare Labs, we recognize the importance of establishing background levels for AMEA testing and how it affects the interpretation of test results. Our extensive research has revealed that most households have average background levels of these toxins, although the exact cause of this is still unknown. We suspect that external factors, cross ventilation, previous water or fungal events, poor ventilation in crowded spaces, and cooking activities involving rotting or drying produce may contribute to this. Our AMEA background levels are based on a 1-hour air sample taken from homes with adult occupants who have no history of water damage, fungal infestation, or mycotoxin-related illness symptoms. This research has enabled us to set a benchmark for mycotoxin levels in indoor air samples, which we use as a reference to classify our AMEA results.

Measurable Mycotoxin Air Test Results

Competitive Quantitative Analysis

Here at Respirare Labs, we specialize in competitive quantitative analysis and provide reports in cubic meter format. By performing competitive quantitative analysis, we are able to accurately test for specific mycotoxins and determine their quantities, which is incredibly helpful in assessing your exposure risk based on the size of the room and level of activity. It’s important to note that we only test for mycotoxins where we can achieve reliable and measurable results, as quantifying the mycotoxins is crucial in understanding your potential exposure risks.

A skilled lab technician in a lab setting performing an in-depth analysis of a surface sample using the MESA mycotoxin surface test.

enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

The Role of ELISA in our AMEA Mycotoxin Air Test

We make use of ELISA testing in addition to our patented extraction methods. ELISA is widely considered to be the most effective way of identifying and quantifying mycotoxins due to its high levels of sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy. The ELISA testing method works by utilizing antibodies that are designed to bind specifically to the mycotoxin of interest. When the sample containing the mycotoxin is introduced to the antibody, the two bind together, producing a measurable signal that can be quantified and analyzed. The specificity of the antibodies used in ELISA testing ensures that false positives are minimized, resulting in more accurate and reliable results. Overall, ELISA testing is an essential tool for identifying and quantifying mycotoxins in our AMEA and MESA samples.

AMEA Mycotoxin Air Test

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