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Collecting Airborne Mycotoxins via IOM Sampler | White Paper

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What is Airborne Mycotoxins Environmental Analysis?

Bob Moore’s white paper describes Respirare Labs’ AMEA (Airborne Mycotoxins Environmental Analysis) method for collecting inhalable mycotoxins from indoor air via an IOM Multi-Fraction sampler. The IOM Multi-Fraction sampler is a device developed by the Institute of Occupational Medicine in Scotland, which is internationally recognized as a gold standard device for collecting inhaled airborne contaminants for laboratory analysis. The sampler includes a 25 mm filter membrane for collecting the finest airborne particles and a Multidust foam backing for collecting larger airborne particles that comprise a different mass “fraction.”

How to Collecting Airborne Mycotoxins Via IOM Sampler?

Moore’s white paper emphasizes the importance of using the correct foam and filter combination for accurate airborne mycotoxin sampling and analysis, as well as the strict conditions for collecting the inhalable fraction. The Multidust foam must be analyzed in a lab together with the contents of the filter membrane for the most accurate results. The exact type of foam used is crucial to achieving proper sampling, and the Multidust foam has been standardized and kept constant by IOM (Institute of Occupational Medicine) since 2012. Overall, this white paper provides valuable information on Respirare Lab’s use of the IOM Multi-Fraction sampler, its purpose, and the specific conditions required for collecting the inhalable mycotoxin fraction for AMEA testing.

To access the complete white paper authored by Robert B. Moore, PhD, click on the “View White Paper” button below.


By Jake Ritacco | February 16, 2024

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