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Why become a Respirare Provider?

Essential for Patient Diagnosis

If a patient you encounter displays elevated levels of mycotoxins in their urine or blood analysis, it's crucial to pinpoint the source of their exposure. By making use of AMEA and MESA indoor environmental mycotoxin tests, you can effectively aid your patient(s) in identifying the root cause of their symptoms, eliminating or confirming their home or building as the culprit. This valuable information can help your patient receive the appropriate remediation solution and initiate the detoxification process essential for recovery from their exposure.

Validate your Sick Patients

For years, moldy living spaces have been associated with health issues, but the danger of mycotoxins in indoor environments remained largely unknown due to the lack of reliable testing methods for these carcinogenic mold toxins present in the air and on surfaces. Fortunately, we now possess the tools to identify them, enabling us to help those who have suffered without answers for so long. To determine whether indoor environments are contributing to your patients' adverse symptoms, we recommend utilizing AMEA (air) and MESA (surface) mycotoxin testing. Identifying the presence of mycotoxins is critical, as proper treatment can prevent further complications and help patients regain their health.

The only Mycotoxin Air & Surface Analysis

Our lab is unparalleled in the market, offering unrivaled expertise in mycotoxin air and surface testing. In particular, our airborne testing is vital for assessing individuals' inhalable exposure levels, enabling us to provide direction towards effective solutions to prevent and heal, and ensure a safe indoor environment.

Icon of an IOM sampler used for AMEA mycotoxin air test, a device used to collect airborne mycotoxin samples for testing and analysis.

Gold Standard Equipment

We take great pride in our reliance on the most reliable, standardized techniques for detecting and measuring mycotoxins. Our equipment is widely acknowledged as the industry's gold standard for capturing inhalable particulates and surface samples, while our use of ELISA in identification and quantification is hailed as the most sensitive and precise method available.

comprehensible reports

Our reports have been crafted with the utmost consideration for the customer, environmental, and healthcare professional. The presentability of the report is of utmost importance to ensure that customers can grasp their results and comprehend their mycotoxin risk.

4 Steps to Identify Mycotoxins in Indoor Spaces

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We require all testing providers to complete certification testing before performing a sample. This requirement ensures the standardization of our mycotoxin testing to be performed the same across the nation.

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As a healthcare professional, you can choose the most suitable location to implement our provider seal. This way, your patients can easily approach you to interpret their AMEA and MESA results, and receive a wellness solution for their diagnostics.

Together, Let's Build a World Where Indoor Environments are Safe From Harmful Mycotoxins.

By joining the Respirare network as a provider, you’re venturing into a new era of indoor environmental testing alongside us, in collaboration with AMEA and MESA. This is a significant breakthrough in providing answers to individuals affected by mold toxicity and illness, while also reducing exposure to harmful mold chemicals for those who are less sensitive. We are excited to continue expanding our mycotoxin testing and make it accessible to all. Your interest in partnering with us to achieve a higher standard for indoor environments containing mold is deeply appreciated.

In Service to Improve the Standard of Indoor Life

At Respirare, we place a strong emphasis on our customers’ wellbeing and take great care to provide testing services that prioritize their health. As a provider, you’ll have the opportunity to join us in our mission to revolutionize the way we test, assess, analyze, and ultimately address the detrimental effects of indoor mycotoxins on our health. Our end goal is to significantly improve the quality of indoor life, and we would be honored if you chose to accompany us on this journey.

Join Our Weekly Mycotoxin Testing Introductory Meeting

If you’re uncertain whether AMEA or MESA testing is suitable for your patients and practice, don’t worry! We offer weekly presentations to introduce our mycotoxin environmental testing solutions, which provide more information and answer any questions you may have. These presentations are held most weeks every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 9 am to 10 am Pacific Standard Time. To sign up, simply select a date and time from the available calendar options. If these options do not work for you, please contact us for a one-on-one presentation.

AMEA & MESA Mycotoxin Testing:

Revolutionizing The Way We Monitor Indoor Mycotoxins ​

Medical professionals examining a patient with mycotoxin presence in her body.