Mycotoxin Testing
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Our AMEA (air) and MESA (surface) mycotoxin testing providers must be certified before conducting any samples.

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Mycotoxin Testing Near Me: AMEA & MESA

Can't Find A Respirare Provider Near You?

We understand the frustration of not finding a Respirare testing professional nearby to conduct your mycotoxin testing. We are continuously working towards expanding our network of AMEA and MESA testing professionals throughout the country while maintaining standardization and consistency to provide the best quality environmental mycotoxin tests. However, if you are unable to find a certified professional for AMEA testing, we also offer a user-friendly testing kit for our MESA test that can be ordered online, and you can conduct the test yourself from the comfort of your home. Our mycotoxin testing near me services are designed to make the testing process easy and accessible for anyone, anywhere.

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Respirare Labs' AMEA mycotoxin testing equipment provides accurate and reliable results for detecting harmful mycotoxins. This photo showcases the advanced technology and design of the equipment, making it a valuable tool for air quality testing. Find mycotoxin testing near me.

mycotoxin testing near me

Respirare Labs AMEA logo, representing Airborne Mycotoxin Environmental Analysis for accurate testing and analysis of mycotoxins in the indoor environment. Find mycotoxin testing near me.

At Respirare Labs, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to standardization when it comes to our air and surface indoor mycotoxin testing. We strongly recommend that an indoor environmental professional be the one to perform your AMEA sample due to the specialized equipment, training, and knowledge required to attain an air sample to the highest standard. To this end, we are constantly working to expand our network of AMEA providers across the country to make it more readily available to all. On the other hand, MESA can be easily conducted at home with the aid of a DIY kit and simple-to-follow instructions delivered right to your doorstep. 

mycotoxin testing near me

Respirare Labs MESA logo, representing Mycotoxin Environmental Surface Analysis for accurate testing and analysis of mycotoxins in the indoor environment. Find mycotoxin testing near me.

Order MESA: $350

Image of MESA sampling instruction documents & Hygenia Q-swab product display, highlighting surface mycotoxin testing tools such as the MESA mycotoxin surface test for accurate and reliable detection of mycotoxins on various surfaces.